Behaviour Technician

We are currently looking for a Behaviour Technician to work 1:1 with children (ages 2-8) in a highly individualized and supported environment. All therapy sessions are carried out in the client’s home. Early Autism Services (EAS) is an established provider of ABA with ten years of experience implementing high quality programming nationwide. We are looking for  motivated and driven candidates to grow with our organization and work well with our team.  A successful candidate shares our core values of data driven treatment and respect for all individuals and is ready to learn.

The duties of the Behaviour Technician are:

  • Working with the child in a number of skill areas, such as conversation skills, fine / gross motor skills, self-help skills, and pre-academic skills.
  • Integrating the child’s family into therapy sessions.
  • Data collection and making data-based decisions.
  • Learning strategies and procedures to teach children with developmental delays.
  • Attending team meetings and coordinating with a team of therapists.
  • Traveling to the home of each client on the therapist’s caseload.

Required experience:

  • This position requires a car, and willingness to travel throughout the specific local areas
  • Bachelors degree or pursuit of degree in psychology, education, child development, or related field.
  • Experience working with young children or children with disabilities.
  • RBT (Preferred)

Working with EAS provides an opportunity for personal and career growth. Behaviour Technicians with EAS advance their communication, professional, and therapeutic skills, while working individually and alongside a team of therapists. Strong candidates will be able to display a commitment to helping children advance through life by helping them develop to their highest potential.

-Rewarding experience of motivating and inspiring children through ABA therapy
-Health insurance (Optional dental and vision plans also available)
-Life insurance
-Company issued iPad
-Significant opportunities for career growth
-Pay is competitive and varies with experience

Get to Know Us

EAS is a team of highly trained Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Behaviour Technicians and caring individuals, all committed to helping children with autism build the skills they will need for everyday life.

We are equally committed to our employees, and helping them grow in their careers. We believe that when our employees are happy, and passionate about the work they do, our clients receive better care. Which is why we put so much focus in building our internal relationships. We do this through team building activities, getting involved with community outreach efforts, and having 1:1 meetings between team members and managers to discuss individual career goals.


We are excited to speak with you about your career goals, and the opportunities here at EAS!