J.P. Nagar

 Services Offered

ABA therapy

Shadow therapy

Remediation therapy

Occupational therapy

Speech therapy

Classroom Simulation

About the Clinical Director


Shilpa Thangal

Clinical Director |JP Nagar, Therapy Center

Shilpa is the Clinical Director at EAS JP Nagar, Bangalore. She is a QBA candidate and has completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Jain University, Bangalore. Early on in her career, she discovered ABA therapy and has been devoted to it ever since. It is her passion to work with young kids and to help them become more capable and independent. Her aim is to spread awareness about Autism and ABA therapy within the community. During her free time, Shilpa enjoys cooking, travelling, and watching series.

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No. 681, , 6th C Main Road, 14th Cross, J P Nagar3rd Phase, 3rd Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078