5 Attention and Concentration activities for Children with Autism

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Create sensory bins filled with different textures, such as rice, beans, or sand. Allow children to explore and play with various objects hidden within the bins. This hands-on activity helps enhance sensory processing and focus.

Sensory Bins

Establish a visual schedule using pictures or symbols to outline the daily routine. Having a clear, visual representation of activities and transitions can help children with autism better understand and anticipate what comes next, promoting focus and attention.

Visual Schedule

Utilize therapeutic swings or sensory swings to provide a calming and organizing effect. Swinging can help children regulate their sensory input, leading to improved attention and concentration. Ensure proper supervision and safety measures during these activities.

Therapeutic Swings

Engage children in interactive games that promote attention and social interaction. Games like "Simon Says" or simple board games with clear rules encourage turn-taking and concentration. Choose games that cater to the child's interests and abilities

Interactive Games

Incorporate activities that involve deep pressure, such as using weighted blankets, rolling a therapy ball over the body, or engaging in activities that involve squeezing or hugging. Deep pressure can have a calming effect, supporting concentration and focus in children with autism.

Deep Pressure Activities

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