Center-based therapy services offer a fun and inviting environment for your child to learn, explore, and grow!

Some children prefer a more structured environment and daily routines to be established. Similar to a school environment, our centers have daily routines with dedicated time each day for specific skills, domains, and free play. Many children enjoy the consistency of routines and thrive in those environments.

Structured Environment

Center-based services offer a fantastic opportunity for children to meet new peers and learn social skills. While our therapy programs 1:1 with each child having a designated therapist, we do incorporate social activities into each day so children can engage in group play/learning.

Social Skills

While in-home learning is great for helping children establish and build on common skills and activities they will use daily at home, center-based learning is great for teaching new skills. This could include activities like learning new routines, appropriate play, turn taking, building new self-help skills and more!

Learning New Skills

For some families, in-home therapy is just not an option. This could be for a variety of reasons including work, a non-conducive at home setting, or other factors. In these situations, receiving services at a therapy center might be the best option.


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