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Best ABA Therapy Centre for Autism

At Early Autism Services, we are passionate about the potential of your child. The best way to develop that potential is through proactive, personalized autism therapy programs to enable families to work hand in hand with licensed professionals.

Passionate About Potential

As an ABA therapy and Occupational therapy company, our team comprises hundreds of experienced Behavior Therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Occupational Therapists, and caring individuals who are all committed to helping children with autism and their families. We provide autism services for children throughout the United States, Australia, and India.

Global Team

The curriculum in our program combines decades of research and years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, thus making us one of the few centers that provide the Best ABA therapy in India

Decades of Research  & Years of Experience

What makes our programs effective is our personalized approach. Unlike some therapy programs, we customize our methodology for each child’s unique needs. Before building a program, we sit down with you and your child. From there, we will show you what a personalized program at EAS looks like and how this individualized approach can make a huge impact.

Personalized ABA Therapy Programs

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will meet with both you and your child to discuss your family’s needs, and share information about our therapy programs.

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