What is Rage Cycle in Autism

Understanding and Managing Emotional Outbursts

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Rage Cycle refers to a pattern of intense emotional outbursts commonly observed in individuals with autism. It consists of 3 stages -  1.) Rumbling  2) Rage (the storm) 3) Recovery

These outbursts can include anger, frustration, and aggression, and are often triggered by sensory overload, communication difficulties, or changes in routine.

The triggers could be due to Sensory Overload, Communication Challenges or Routine Disruptions such as changes in familiar routines or unexpected transitions.

Understanding the Triggers

Establish Predictable Routines, encourage the use of alternative communication methods such as visual supports, social stories, or assistive technology, create a calming sensory environment as well as ABA Therapy which is a proven approach that can help children with autism understand and manage their emotions.

Tips to Managing the Rage Cycle

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