Seen. Heard. Valued.

Seen. Heard. Valued.

EAS Diversity & Inclusion Team

The Diversity and Inclusion Team (DIT) within Early Autism Services (EAS) is a diverse group of individuals whose mission is to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for ALL employees and the families we serve. EAS strives to be a place where all backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, identities, nationalities, and abilities will be seen, heard, and valued.

Diversity at Early Autism Services

Meet Our Team

Danyelle Sawyers, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Early Autism Services in Chicago

Danyelle Sawyers, Board Certified Behavior Analyst | Chicago, IL

My name is Danyelle (she/her) and I am a BCBA with the Chicago branch and the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Team. I’ve been in the field for 9 years, and with EAS a total of 5 years, most recently since September 2019. I am also in the process of getting my LCSW. I joined the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in order to be a voice for change for my clients, therapists I oversee, and the overall community.

Ashley Cobb Headshot 3

Ashley Cobb, Registered Behavior Technician | Baltimore, MD

Hello! My name is Ashley Cobb (she/her), I am the secretary for the EAS Diversity Team.  I have 5 years of experience in the field, 3 of which have been with EAS in our Maryland branch. I wanted to join the task force to bring awareness as well as changes to the issues that have, intentionally or by default,  historically muted marginalized people. This task force will give all of us a plausible path to meet the current and future challenges that a diverse workforce and clientele will inevitably bring.  I am excited to get work and represent the amazing voices that make up the collective of the EAS family! 

Kristen Azotea

Kristen Azotea, Board Certified Behavior Analyst | St. Louis, MO

My name is Kristen Azotea (she/her) and I am a clinical supervisor with the St Louis branch and I have been with EAS since January. I grew up on the south side of Chicago and currently live near St Louis. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to reflect more on my daily actions and life growing up related to diversity and I want to do better for my kids and community.

Terika Brewer

Terika Brewer, Behavior Technician | Atlanta, GA

My name is Terika Brewer (she/her) and I am a Lead Therapist working in the Atlanta branch. I have been with EAS for 2 years. It was important to me to join the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force because I want to help effectively change the culture of the company.

Fay Shoubah Early Autism Services

Fay Shoubah, Registered Behavior Technician | Detroit, MI

I’m Fay Shoubah (she/her). I began working with EAS in 2019 as a behavior technician and through experience discovered my passion for working with ABA within the autism community. With support and guidance from supervisors at EAS and AFP, I am currently working on a master’s degree in behavior analysis with a goal to become a BCBA. In addition to my role as an RBT, I now support our hiring and training efforts for expansion (or development) of our Autism Family Partnership services. I joined the Diversity & Inclusion team with a vision of upholding high standards of diversity, inclusion and representation in our work culture, recruitment procedures, professional growth, and service delivery.

Asho Buckingham Early Autism Services

Asho Buckingham, Registered Behavior Technician | Birmingham, AL

My name is Asho Buckingham (they/them), I’m a social worker, artist, and RBT with the Birmingham, AL branch. I’ve been working in autism services for 2.5 years and in advocacy for 1 year. I am thrilled to join the D&I team to help make EAS a richer, more representative place for families and staff.

We welcome your feedback!

We are always working to make EAS an inclusive and accepting place for both the families that we serve, and our team members. If you have and feedback or suggestions on how to help us improve, please send us an email by clicking on the link below, or directly at