Behavior Planning & ABA Therapy

Each child is unique. We understand that children on the autism spectrum have needs that can vary widely, which is why we personalize our programs for every area of development. Behavior planning is a main point of focus throughout many of our programs.

In ABA therapy, behavior planning looks at the areas of behavior your child is expressing. We identify areas of inappropriate behaviors, and focus on supplementing them with functional behaviors.

To identify and understand those behaviors, we set up a free consultation meeting, to sit down with you and your child. During this meeting we will get a better understanding of your child’s needs, and the behaviors they are expressing.

Using the information gained from the consultation, our team will work alongside you to build a program tailored to those needs.

We start from a structured program based on years of research and experience. From there your child’s program will be individualized on a weekly basis to ensure that their specific needs are being met.

Our BCBAs and their technician teams will work closely with your family to ensure that our therapy plans are implemented effectively. We will work to build an individualized behavior therapy plan specifically to your child’s needs.

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