Prewriting and Handwriting Remediation

Handwriting- ‘Language by Hand’

Handwriting is a means of expressing language, just like speech, and it also leaves a lasting trace. Sometimes called ‘Language by Hand’, it is a physical way of expressing thoughts and ideas and a means of communicating with others. It is a very complex skill to master, one that involves linguistic, cognitive, perceptual, and motor components, all of which have to be coordinated in an integrated fashion.

Why is Handwriting Remediation Needed?

A student who has difficulty with handwriting spends more time thinking about letter formation when they should be thinking of words or contents that they are writing. A student’s inability to record information in a consistent and legible form can slow down their progress leading to frustration.

In recent years, modern technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate. However, despite the increased use of computers for writing, the skill of handwriting remains important in education, employment, and in everyday life. Without fast and legible handwriting, students may miss out on learning opportunities and underachieve academically. This may cause frustration and distress and affect a child’s desire to write. 

We cannot write unless we have been taught how to, a fact which is sometimes ignored. Evidence suggests that mild difficulties will be helped with good teaching and the maturation of the child. Good basic teaching, particularly in the lower primary school, is important. Targeted intervention by a trained professional like an Occupational Therapist will make a noticeable difference for most children.