Benefits of Remedial Classes: Giving Your Child the Best Possible Start

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Benefits of Remedial Classes

If your child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you likely have many questions and concerns about how to ensure they receive the support they need to thrive. And in this regard, choosing the right educational environment is one of the most important decisions a parent can make!

Remedial classes, also known as special education services, provide targeted instruction to help children reach developmental and academic milestones – and they offer many advantages over traditional classrooms. As a parent, understanding these benefits will help you make an informed choice to set your child up for future independence and success. So, let’s dive in –

A Structured and Supportive Learning Environment

Children with autism

Children with ASD often benefit greatly from structure, routine, and low student-to-teacher ratios. Remedial classes provide all of this in ways that traditional classrooms cannot.  The child receives individualized attention tailored specifically to their unique needs.

The smaller environment also minimizes overstimulation from noise, lights, and crowds, which can be challenging for many kids with ASD. Specially trained teachers use visual schedules, timers, sensory tools, and positive behavior reinforcement, allowing children to learn at their own pace in a compassionate space.

Targeted Instruction to Encourage Development 

Remedial teachers undergo specialized training in areas like communication, social skills, functional academics, and occupational therapies. They are also trained to utilize evidence-based practices to set goals targeted to each student’s specific developmental and academic delays related to ASD.

With this level of individualized instruction, students often make rapid progress by mastering foundational skills they may have been lacking. For example, while typical preschoolers learn skills like sharing, taking turns, and raising their hand – children with ASD may need explicit coaching in these building blocks before or alongside learning academics. 

Remedial education starts by filling these gaps, ensuring kids have the tools to absorb grade-level content. Once these foundations are set, students can thrive both socially and scholastically.

Transferable Skill Building for the Future

Skill building due to special education

The communication, social, and self-regulation skills children gain in remedial classes help set them up for success in the real world. While academics remain important, the ability to interact with others, communicate needs, follow instructions, stay focused, and regulate behavior are essential competencies.

Remedial classes prioritize building these transferable tools in developmentally appropriate ways through role-playing conversations, practicing compromising in play, and learning coping strategies for frustration. The earlier children can hone these abilities, the more prepared they’ll be for transitioning to traditional schooling and, eventually, independent living

Smoother Transition to Typical Education

Easy transfer to normal education due to remedial classes

While keeping your child in special education indefinitely may seem protective, most parents envision their kids will eventually enter mainstream classrooms. Remedial programs offer the stepping stones to make this aspiration a reality. Teachers continually assess students’ skills and readiness to integrate into general education, modifying the curriculum to support both remedial and grade-level content.

This dual approach allows kids to learn the critical competencies to thrive in a neurotypical classroom while also exposing them to traditional coursework. Teachers will also make recommendations about when your child has built the skills necessary to transition fully into standard classes, either partially or full-time. 

By continually assessing each child’s abilities, remedial teachers can advise parents on when mainstream integration is appropriate. They will discuss if a partial transition makes sense, such as attending a neurotypical science or gym class with support. Or, when ready, they’ll recommend full inclusion with varying levels of ongoing accommodations.

Peace of Mind That Your Child is Learning Optimally

Children learning due to special classes in Bangalore

While every parent wants their child in the least restrictive environment possible, for some kids with ASD, completely mainstream classrooms simply move too fast. Remedial classes allow your child to learn at their own pace without becoming overwhelmed. 

When children are stressed, anxious, confused, or unable to focus – they often cannot absorb instruction optimally.

This results in limited developmental and academic gains. Alternatively, the streamlined remedial setting enables reliance on strengths while strengthening weaknesses so children can learn how they learn best. 

This means more effective mastery of social, emotional, communication, and scholastic competencies critical for the future.

How Specialized Instruction at EAS Sets Kids Up for Success

In addition to helping your child, remedial programs like those offered by Early Autism Services (EAS) provide parents with resources and support, too! From your child’s individualized education plan meetings to PTA gatherings – you’ll interact with teachers, administrators, specialists, and other families experiencing similar challenges. EAS also offers parents helpful school resources like parenting workshops and recommendations on fulfilling their child’s unique needs, even in a home setting.

While the idea of special education may initially evoke emotion, remember it is specially designed instruction to meet your child exactly where they are. 

By choosing remedial classes at specialized institutions at EAS, you are giving your child the best possible start for their future. Besides, you also empower yourself with a knowledgeable community that will support your child’s growth as well as your family’s well-being.

At EAS, we prioritize compassionate care rooted in evidence-based therapies so your child can develop the tools to thrive now and for years to come. 

Our experienced teachers and behavioral clinicians personalize remedial programs specifically designed to meet each child’s needs across academic, communication, sensory, and behavioral domains.

So, don’t wait any longer! Contact us to learn more about our services and discover how EAS can provide the supportive environment your child needs to reach their full potential.

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